DeSite Soil-Dirt-Rock Screeners Overview

Available from Soil Screening Equipment

SLG Screeners by DeSite are very affordable, simple, and less expensive than any comparable screeners, yet have unique features that make screening easier and more efficient. DeSite SLG Topsoil Screeners can often pay for themselves with one property development or dirt reclamation project. They are affordable to own and operate AND they outperform other screeners that cost thousands more because of the following simple, smart features.

Vibrating Screen Decks

All models are vibratory which efficiently and effectively shakes raw materials over and across the screening surface with minimal bouncing, maximum screening action, and blinding of the mesh. The vibratory mechanisms are high quality, warrantied for one year, and low maintenance.

Adjustable Screen Deck Angle

Every model has an adjustable deck slope, from 45 to 30 degrees, which is vital for the best screening of both dry and wet material, plus everything in between. A steeper angle keeps wetter material moving across the screen while a lesser slope, closer to 30 degrees, slows down dry material. Along with the operator-controlled tilt of an additional 15 degrees, DeSite screeners give you complete control over the speed, direction, and flow of materials across the screen.

Additional 15-degree Operator-Controlled Tilt

Every model has spring-loaded screen decks which may be tipped even further, up to 15 degrees more, with an easy motion of the bucket. This smart feature of DeSite Screeners gives operators immediate and maximum control over the material’s movement across the screening mesh. They can easily, without leaving the cab, change the slope of the deck to speed up or slow down the sand, gravel, rock and debris as it flows over the mesh. On the larger SLG Screener models, this feature is supported by an impressive cantilevered spring suspension system found only on DeSite vibratory screening machines.

Extra Wide Screen Decks

There is a DeSite Soil Screener for every type and size of loading machine, and all of them are designed with screen decks wider than the loading machines’ buckets. This simple efficiency makes feeding much less precise and therefore easier and faster, and results in less crossover than other machines.

Portability and Compact Sizes

All SLG screener models have very large screen decks in relation to their overall size for the greatest screening capacity in the smallest package. Being compact in size is a huge factor in reducing the time and distance spent by feeding machines going back and forth between piles, especially given that job sites are often very limited in area. All DeSite SLG Screeners include easily accessible forklift pockets so moving them is easy; additionally, the fork lift pockets accept optional bucket lugs—for moving the screener using the feeding machine itself.

Feed Deflection Systems

All DeSite screeners except the smallest 68V have heavy-duty Feed Deflection Systems to control the flow of material most effectively across the vibrating screen and maximize the time and quality with which it’s processed. Feed Deflectors are a primary factor in these particular soil screeners’ high efficiency and dramatically set them apart from other brands. Feed Deflection Systems all accommodate oversize material. All Feed Deflectors are also easily removable in case grizzly-style screening is desired; for example, to sort large construction and burn pile debris.

Variety of Mesh

All models come equipped with industrial duty screen mesh panels that can be easily changed to other sizes and shapes to deliver different products. All models include the good, general purpose 4” x ¾” elongated mesh. Many other mesh screens are available through Soil Screening Equipment, in square or elongated shapes and from ⅛ to 4-inches in size, to allow great versatility in the screening products possible with a DeSite Screener.

Riser Boxes

An optional Riser Box will increase the already-high storage and screening production capacity of a DeSite SLG Screener by approximately 20%. A Riser Box increases the time an operator can spend on screening rather than shifting between feeding and harvesting tasks. Riser Boxes can all be added or removed quickly and raise the height of the machine for easier feeding with larger equipment. There are [Riser Boxes available for DeSite 78VF, 78VFG, and 108VF models] through Soil Screening Equipment.

Photos of Soil Screeners in Use