BSP 8-11 Snow Plow

BSP-8-11 ($2595.00)

Big Mouth Snow Pusher




Standard snow pushers are designed to simply push snow directly forward but our BSP snow pusher design has side wings that rotate to transform our plow from a 8ft to more than 11ft snow pusher. Rotate one wing forward and one back and you have an angle plow. Fold both wings back and you have a V plow. DeSite manufactures it own plow design in its own factory so it can pass along factory direct pricing to you.

The DeSite BSP 8-11 is built with to dozer blade strength to last the test of time. Our design consists of a laser cut 3/16 face, welded to our internal gusset structure, then capped with a 1/8 back skin. Our wings are lasered from 3/8 plate, an fitted with ¾ plate wear shoes.

We want our blade to be versatile for use with both buckets, forks, and quick changes, so we have engineered the blade with our “Bolt On Bolt Off “ mounting system. This help keeps our manufacture costs low so that we can pass along the savings.

Our main blade is 8ft wide with two 36” floating wings mounted to each end. BSP  wings are designed to pivot 180 degrees making the BSP 8-11 the most versatile snow pusher on the market. On the bottom of each wing mounts our ¾ inch hardened shoes designed to follows the contour of the ground while plowing snow.

We manufacture the BSP 8-11 with a hardened ½ inch steel cutting edge. For customers wanting a rubbercutting edge we offer our premium grade polyurethane

1-1/2 inch thick (65 dur 200psi) rubber plow edge. This is the best material available in the market.

We have saved the best for last. The DeSite BSP 8-11 not only have more features  and the most versatility of any other snow pusher, but we also sell our pusher at the competitive price of $2595.00usd while supplies last.

Supplies are limited so call today for a freight quote and get ready to push winter out of your way.